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Yoga and Conditioning


Suzana Egriu, ALIGN’s Massage and Thai Therapist, has now taken her two daughters Besarta (Certified Yoga Instructor) and Dia (NASM Certified Personal Trainer) under the Align name, and together they wish to offer new ways of Bodywork Therapies to anyone who is interested!!

*** Since these are small group classes you will have to call in advance to book your spot! ***

Yoga classes: 7 person MAX

Conditioning classes: 5 person MAX

If you are interested in trying out our classes, or have any other questions, please contact:

Suzana Egriu

Cell: (732) 640-6719

Email: Suzana.align@gmail.com


These classes are comprised of total body, core challenging exercises, which will get your body moving in fun and creative ways!  In her sessions, Dia combines her knowledge of dance, yoga, and what she learned in her NASM training, to create workouts that will leave you feeling stronger every time. The workouts are designed to get the entire body involved in plyometric, core synergistic, and power movement! And also challenging you by advancing your proprioception, testing your stability and challenging the deepest parts of your core. The core is the center of our being, our powerhouse, and is the vital “foundation” of all our body’s movements. Dia will help you learn how to properly use and strengthen your core in every workout that you do, and no matter where your fitness level is, we will be pushing past your limits to something greater and better, every time. Working to create a stronger YOU from the inside out! Then at the end of every session, Dia will leave 20 to 30 minutes for a deep stretch, combining dynamic and active isolated stretches, to ensure you get the proper cool down.

**Personal training sessions also available. Please contact Dia for any further questions! **

Cell: (609) 227-8892

Email: Dia.align@gmail.com


Our yoga classes are structured to benefit beginner to intermediate levels in a Vinyasa Flow. In our classes we will guide you through each pose in a simple, controlled breath to deepen and improve your practice! There will be a brief intention to our practice followed by series of sun salutations to warm up the body. Then we will take you through some balancing poses, twists, and inversions with variations. These all helping strengthen you internally and externally. Throughout your practice you are moving your body in different poses that will channel opposing energies in you to help create a greater sense of balance.  Our goal is to help you take what you have learned in class and on your mats into your daily lives. Namaste!

**Private Yoga Sessions are also available. Please contact Besarta for any further questions! **

Cell: (732) 763 – 6699

Email: Besarta.align@gmail.com

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